Second Life Synagogue – Temple Beit Israel

I’ve just witnessed a great thing: I was present at the Shabbat candle lighting at the Temple Beit Israel. Not that I’ve never seen it, well only once in my RL, but in SL it makes another impression. I visited this temple a few times before, and unluckily never saw a soul, apart from an American RL reporter who was also looking for others. :)

Temple Beit Israel (“beit” – meaning “home”, as far as my little Hebrew tells me) was grounded in August 2006 by Beth Brown, whose SL name is Beth Odets. The place is world-oriented and welcomes everyone who wants to meet Jewish culture, experince religion in some liberal sense or just meet people and just talk tacheles. The members light candles on Shabbat for people from different parts of the world, depending on their time zone: for Israel friends at 7 am SL time, for Europeans – 10 am, 3 pm for East Coast, 7 pm – West Coast and 5 pm “in Between”.

I find it a friendly place and also a wonderful deed of Ms Odets to have created another religious (spiritual) and cultural spot in SL.


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