SL is a Quasi-Ad-Free Zone

Yesterday, as I saw the article in, it came to me: now I know what is so astonishingly different in Second Life!

It’s the absence of advertising!

Yes! I mean, we are all used to this ubiquitous phenomenon. It surrounds us, it tortures us, and at the same time it is so normal that we sometimes manage to ignore it. But it is THERE! Always! Billboards, stickers, labels, TV, DVD, PC, pop-ups (I hate them most!), mail, email, radio, newspapers, even books! The list is never-ending.

And here, in SL, apart from some political platforms and some major companies, who are actually present only on their land, there is a real ad-free paradise! Sure, from time to time you can see some “walking-billboards” announcing some events, which is not bad at all. But that’s all. PARADISE!

The next question that comes to my mind is – how long?


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