Of Lags and Crashes…

I am in. No news… No, there are news, but from off-line.

I am hanging… In some weird place I don’t know how I got to last time… I want to move to another place, to Dogglounge, where I always come to when I don’t have any special destination. The TP doesn’t work. I try again. Nothing. I try other spot. Nothing. Again. No!

Like in some SL spots, there is NO “fly” button on my screen… Nice place, Mirelle! “You will stay here forever!”- says my inner voice. “No!” – I answer. “I will WALK! Like people always did, many centuries ago! :P They gathered their things, the most necessary things, took utensils to make their way more successful, like hat, boots, stock (not lock, stock and barrel! though weapons could be useful I think) and hit the road leading to… Rome, Mecca, Kiev, Goa, San Fransisco…”

I was firm and resolute… I walked…

And then… Suddenly I could fly again! Like I used to! I  flew! Wonder! Life is beautiful! Wind whizzing in my ears… Dreaming of the blue seas, amazing skies, green fields around me… It was beautiful! And then I struck. Struck into the beautiful X-ray fence! Bang!!! Thank you-u-u! The whole romance of the flying…


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One response to “Of Lags and Crashes…

  1. Going to San Francisco on foot takes quite a long time, I guess. And why should one go to Kiev – Odessa seems more like an attractive destination to me… ;)

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