Traces of SL in my “reality” or an ode to SL

Lately, I was somewhat distracted by the RL duties and necessities, and this made this expectation of coming back to SL really sweet. I’ve been to another city, at a trade fair, interpreting.

Getting up at 4:50 am… arriving at the train station while it’s still dark… running behind the train, being afraid to miss it… waiting for a conductor to bring along a cup of coffee, as it’d been too early to buy it in the street or to drink at home… All these things wouldn’t happen in SL. I don’t have to get up early to get somewhere! I can do it anytime! And if! Then I can change darkness into sunrise or noon! I don’t have to run after a train, ’cause, first, there ARE NO trains!

I mean – there are trains in SL, but who needs them to move from A to B, when we have TP! And coffee. Well… Coffee…


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