Reflections on SL…

Today a thing happened to me which again made me think of the fact that in SL we generally behave just like in RL. Certainly considering the technical circumstances, like the possibility to “escape”, i.e. to “teleport away” from danger, disturbance, harassment, or the fact that we can remain incognito here and thus not to care about the consequences of our “deeds”.

I was showing a friend an orthodox church in SL, which is close to other temples and shrines. Before arriving there, we have been to a Torah School where you can see a white sign of the Star of David on the school wall. This white mesmerizing sign of no material right on the wooden wall makes a great impression on you, when you come back from some funky virtual islands with their glittering metal, glimmering lights and surreal perfect trees and flowers. You have to stop for a moment and think… just think, maybe of nothing at all. But that would mean – meditate. Then we sat down at a table and talked. Talked about religion and things beyond.
Coming to the orthodox church of St Nikolas, we first stood for a moment in the front yard listening to the orthodox choral psalms… Every time I hear it – it enchants me… My companion was a little hesitant. I first didn’t notice it. Then he asked if it was alright if he entered like that, in the clothing he had on. It struck me so much. I mean, yes, he knows, in RL I am orthodox ( not any religious feelings, but baptized). Alright. But this is SL! My God! People do here what they want, don’t they?! This sign of respect was like a lightning to me.

So, the striking idea was – we still behave here like in RL – and! – things can impress us sometimes just as much as in RL, and sometimes maybe even more. If you don’t agree – please, feel free to refute this.

My tip for now: go to some abandoned place on the map, where there are no people, no trees, no nothing and listen to some calm classical music.

Goodnight and good luck!


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