SL – is it a kind of drug?

And here is the last, and most important part of this SL report which became a little prolonged – my fault.

As SS and HC formulated it, SL may be a rather addictive thing for some people. It takes time to adjust and get some balance here. And sure, almost all of the interviewees admitted, they are in some way addicted themselves. PM even said, that it’s funny to watch herself going crazy when she can not get on-line or when she crashes. UG thinks it’s very easy to get lost here and lose track of time while you interact with others. SS hinted that there are certainly people who can have problems to stop spending too much time here. Like PA, who said – she can not live without SL.

JC told me that SL is something different to each person. Some may use it to spark creativity and some use it to create a life they cannot or do not have in RL. So the answer would be – yes, it is a drug or endorphin rush when he creates something pleasing to himself. JC IS ADDICTED, ladies and gentlemen! As well as UG, PA, and me.

LV gave me a beautiful answer: ” If you are someone who can become immersed in a world of a good novel or film… then SL can be seductive.”

GV gave a little poetic answer:”I can only say that it becomes beautiful when you have something to share: yourself… and perhaps you are the drug yourself.”

UG’s self-reflections:” Will I die if I don’t get on? – No. Does my day seem to go smoother if I do go on SL? – Yes. Do I miss the interaction with my friends if I don’t stop by? – Yes, I do.”

Will they all leave someday? Who knows?

They don’t know for sure, but the sure thing is – all of them are staying here for a while.  Some have premium accounts, some have apartments here, some have friends, boyfreinds or husbands, and some just cherish their SECOND life,

for all its beauty and endless fields for our imagination.


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