Second Life. Does it need improvement?

As you all may assume, the most usual answer to this question was the need to get rid of lags and crashes… Nice task for the Lindens whose platform is being overcrowded every day. Of course it is sometimes “laggy”, but, as JC said, Linden is doing all they can to create a stable platform for us to enjoy.

There were some other special, or rather detailed, improvement propositions which I gladly point out.

HC meant that the biggest change would be to make the user interface and ability to create clothes and objects easier – this would make it more acceptable to more people, and perhaps more people would stay in SL longer.

SS’s (great! three “S”!) improvement proposition was to create easier ways of using live sound, possibilities of voice communication, as well as a built-in translator. As he said, there are some which function as attachable objects, but they don’t work properly.

Graphics and tools for scripts are also not good enough for VB. PM wished SL could be little cheaper. Don’t really know if it CAN. GV, on the other hand, said to me that he’s already improving the First World, so he leaves the SecondWorld-improvement-task to me.

Little PM told me that everything is perfect, “just a little lag” and the wise UG’s words that I quote again were, “There is always room for improvement, no product is ever “perfect”. Part of the enjoyment here for me are the continual changes wrought by the Lindens in their quest to make SL a better place for all.”


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