Second Life… Best Sanbox Ever, Gold-Mine or Ripp Off?

Second Life has completely fulfilled the desired dream of unlimited creativity platform, mentioned in so many media. Almost all the respondents of my small study said they try out their building skills in SL in full. Some are rather easygoing concerning their achievements, the others are more ambitious and demanding. JC for instance, says, he mostly creates things “he and his friends can enjoy, and he had recently been packaging his creations for retail, so others can enjoy it as well.”

Few still claim, they don’t have enough time to learn to build. And moreover, as VB said, it’s not the same just to build for nothing and to build for your own land. She has no land, because “it’s too hard to find and she doesn’t like the rules to buy or rent a house.” SS has another priority – “I am fully occupied looking around; I do my building in RL,”-which is pretty honourable too, isn’t it?

Now to the topic which is obvious to the most of you – whether SL is more to EARN or to SPEND. Some interviewees even laughed at me! “A-ha-ha! Spend money of course! I am not in SL to earn money! it’s a “chimere””-was the answer of VB. So, as you might assume, most represent the idea of just enjoying being in SL, and even if they make small earnings there, like teaching (OK), building (JC) or sell China food on a Japanese island (me), they do it only to spend it right afterwards.

JC was even a little in rage about the idea of a gold-mine,”I am not here to make money off of people that are uninformed and I do not take advantage of people with real-estate schemes. The whole real-estate racket here is cooky madness to me.”

UG hinted at the idea of the only other possible EARN-model-SL-creation are world biggest companies with their own ambitions and market strategies, like Nissan, Adidas, etc., who in their turn have first to SPEND a pretty amount in SL just to start.

I would like to make a conclusion with the words of HC-“I think money is a consequesnce of the options that people have, and you can do both spend and earn, but mostly play and have fun with SL.”



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