SL versus RL

Good afternoon! Sorry, I was away moving to another RL city… It takes more time to do that – unluckily we have no TP here yet.

I would like to present the next part of the report: SL versus RL. I was wondering how people see themselves in SL, whether it influenced them or whether they feel completely free to do what they want without showing who they are in RL. Great topic for many psychologists!

So, as I expected, 8 from 10 dear avatars are hiding their RL identity in their profiles. The explanation for that is mostly as simple as ‘I can play more freely..’ or ‘there is no need to show it’. UG said, he actually leaves some general information in his profile, while giving more details to people he knows better. But with the course of time, he feels he grew more comfortable in giving out information.

Conclusion: most of people feel free in SL by pushing away their RL issues and diving fully into our Wonderful Second World.

Though the SL residents don’t like giving info about their “RL avatars” (quoting GV), they mostly identify them with themselves, either physically or mentally. The inner side of ourselves stays in. UG is a special case, who has various SL identities and only few of them are really him, the others are ‘like masks, costumes he can wear to fit the mood he and his friends are in’. Two of the ten told me, that they are not the same with the avatars, but I suppose it was more referring to their appearance. Sure, we cannot look even approximately the way we are in RL, which on the other hand doesn’t refer to Bono from U2.

And coming to topic, where I was extremely curious: if RL-we change after our SL experience. Only 3 of the 10 guys and girls tried to persuade me that they hadn’t changed in any way. And one of them, GV, on the contrary feels that it’s ‘food for his points of view’ and that it’s ‘further gasoline for his mind’.

UG feels he sees some things differently, some of his priorities changed. JC feels his creativity has been woken up by SL. OK said she is improving herself. SL taught SS to contact people more freely – which is a wonderful and the most logical SL-affect, I think.

So, here we see only good sides of SL: creativity, fun, mistery, experience, spirit.

See u soon with the next part!


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