Second Life et moi..

First… somewhere in January… as we saw some TV report and started a small discussion, I said “Hey, this is just a peace of … that no-one needs at all! This thing is for introverts, losers and people, who don’t get on with their REAL lives!”

I was completely against it..

And then… some weeks later… I see my boyfriend bringing a German weekly magazine (Der Spiegel) with a wonderful, 100-times-used-in-several-media-in-Germany, photo of SL-people. Hmm… So sure I took it and started reading…

It was a long article! It was the front page picture! I read all. And before I ended the last sentences, I unconsciously moved my body towards my PC, turned it on, while still reading last words… and..

Here I am… Mirelle Masala

Hello Second World! :))


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