How much RL time do we spend in SL..

In my search for potential interviewees I was trying to pick up those, who have been in SL for more than a month. Well, just like me. And also, I have to admit, I found out that the way I chose people was quite full of prejudice, or better, I was judging by the looks. First. And only then, I opened their profiles. So, this is true, one is still dependent on the RL behaviors.

I tried to find more or less an average-intelligent-looking SL resident. Dont’t be angry, my dear friends, I am just telling the truth, and it’s not so bad.

Of course, we cannot observe this report as a valid and reliable study, it is more a representative report. Just to warn you!:)

My 4 female, 5 male SL residents, one of whom was a furrie, confirmed my suspicion that for many people SL is an everyday thing. 7 of 10 told me they go to SL every day. HC informed me – he spends 4 to 5 hours a day there, and PA – even 10!

And only VB meant, she needs SL only 3 days a week.


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