Lost in RL

I came back home when the others were on their way into the Dreamland. I held me back quite well. Then, after having decided to go to bed myself, I turned back and came in. Silence. No IMs, just normal Notices from various Groups which anyway come per email every day, which is not bad. Wrote an off-line message to him and flew again, high, I made it till and over 5000. Guys! A crazy (maybe not for everyone!) idea: fly there and take off your clothes, everything! You will feel really pure!!!

That’s the message from my Night Flight today.

Hopefully, I will give Mirelle more time to be socially active in SL next time.


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SL Frustration

Friday… I am in SL… Like many of you… Why? Friday is normally the day to go out… But we, SL people, are addicted… I am frustrated… It happens, right? You have much to do in RL, but you still go to SL… And at this very moment nothing happens what would interest you… Strange. I heard a good friend of mine said he is sick of it. Is it true? Am I sick of it? Sometimes it seems to be so. At such moments I just sit alone on the beach… staring into the infinity… behind the moon… or meditate in a yard… But it doesn’t last long… Then I take on my jet… choose some good music from my hardware and… fly…

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SL Language Lessons

Shalom, Salut, Salve!

I have just been to one of the SL-lessons at Babel School. A German class with an American and a CostaRican.

Finally, I have seen what it looks like – in the end I am also one of the teachers! :) And I have to say: we need more structure. More stucture and more utilities, like tables, pictures, etc. Much time is needed to type things.

But on the other hand, in general, this is indeed a wonderful possibility of interaction, which is not yet seen by many SL residents. “Learning through playing” if you want.  We can be flexible, in both  meanings: change the subject or a study plan, and also the place, or ourselves.  But there can be so much more!

I wonder what it will be like, as soon as we have audio here. That will be really crazy.

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Second Life Synagogue – Temple Beit Israel

I’ve just witnessed a great thing: I was present at the Shabbat candle lighting at the Temple Beit Israel. Not that I’ve never seen it, well only once in my RL, but in SL it makes another impression. I visited this temple a few times before, and unluckily never saw a soul, apart from an American RL reporter who was also looking for others. :)

Temple Beit Israel (“beit” – meaning “home”, as far as my little Hebrew tells me) was grounded in August 2006 by Beth Brown, whose SL name is Beth Odets. The place is world-oriented and welcomes everyone who wants to meet Jewish culture, experince religion in some liberal sense or just meet people and just talk tacheles. The members light candles on Shabbat for people from different parts of the world, depending on their time zone: for Israel friends at 7 am SL time, for Europeans – 10 am, 3 pm for East Coast, 7 pm – West Coast and 5 pm “in Between”.

I find it a friendly place and also a wonderful deed of Ms Odets to have created another religious (spiritual) and cultural spot in SL.

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I have to make it explicit! My absolutely favourite place in SL is… DOGGLOUNGE! Deep House music from the USA. The Dogglounge Radio exists both in RL and SL,the RL station being either in Chicago or Minneapolis, that one confuses me a little. Live stream of the greatest and sensual music on this planet! Enjoy the sea-breeze and nice elegant people!

Your M.


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By the way – Advertising!

You are welcome at the BABEL School of Languages!

( pak 73, 223, 92 )

Learn English, German, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Russian or Chinese!

High quality for a low price!

For questions contact Mike Meltzer


Your Mirelle

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SL is a Quasi-Ad-Free Zone

Yesterday, as I saw the article in 2life.ch, it came to me: now I know what is so astonishingly different in Second Life!

It’s the absence of advertising!

Yes! I mean, we are all used to this ubiquitous phenomenon. It surrounds us, it tortures us, and at the same time it is so normal that we sometimes manage to ignore it. But it is THERE! Always! Billboards, stickers, labels, TV, DVD, PC, pop-ups (I hate them most!), mail, email, radio, newspapers, even books! The list is never-ending.

And here, in SL, apart from some political platforms and some major companies, who are actually present only on their land, there is a real ad-free paradise! Sure, from time to time you can see some “walking-billboards” announcing some events, which is not bad at all. But that’s all. PARADISE!

The next question that comes to my mind is – how long?

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